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Psychotherapy for:

Adults Interested in the Enneagram

English-Speaking Adults Living Abroad

“Mental health is like physical health: mentally healthy people get upset, just like physically healthy people get sick.  We only worry when a person can’t recover.”  
-Lisa Damour

Everyone experiences mental health stress and strain  
It's what you do with it that matters most
Everyone experiences sadness, anxiety, anger, and stress. These feelings, though uncomfortable,  are natural. They can give you real-time feedback about your life and help you grow.

Sometimes, however, the delicate balance slips. 
Your levels of stress and strain can become too high, or beyond your capacity to manage, and you experience exhaustion, overwhelm, panic and burnout.   It may cause you to collapse in on yourself and engage in self-destructive patterns.  
Therapy focuses on the mental and physical stress and strain you feel now.  Therapy guides you to view your uncomfortable feelings as valuable information, even a gift.  When you begin to pay attention, the strain and stress you are expencing becomes a catalyst to gain understanding and to achieve forward movement and change.
Is Your Pain Point?

in your inner world

 in the way you see and relate to yourself?

in your relationship with your body

possibly leading to physical neglect or addictive behavior?

in your progress at work

leading to feelings of incompetence and stagnation?

in your connections with those closest to you

feeling hurt by them, or they by you?

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Therapy Can Help You:


Enhance functioning, energy & motivation


Build confidence to do what you feel called to do


Increase joy, optimism & hope


Set and

Reach Goals 


Psychotherapy Using The Enneagram:  

A Concentrated Understanding of Yourself 

Enneagram Personality Testing is a powerful tool that can help you understand your actions, reactions, motivations, vulnerabilities, and feelings. 


When you begin to understand yourself based on the Enneagram, it’s as if the proverbial lightbulb goes on: “Oh, that’s why I do that! Now it really does make sense!”

The Enneagram is the fastest way I’ve found to help you feel comfortable with who you are in your essence. It guides you toward a deeper understanding of your thinking, feeling, and action patterns, without placing judgment on them. By recognizing these patterns, you can begin to see their impact and how you can transform them. 

English-Speaking Adults Working, Studying & Living Abroad:

Support When You Are Far From Home

For over a decade I have worked with clients who are living away from “home,” wherever home may be. I, myself, have lived away from my country of origin for almost my entire adult life.  Whether because someone is living in a country where they can’t easily find a local English-speaking therapist, or because they sense that I empathize with their experience (which I do!), this is a focus of my practice.  I have worked with clients from all over the world, and I have practiced in-person and online therapy since 2012.

Employee Wellbeing & Success:  

Mental Health Services for International Organizations & Companies

Organizations thrive when they invest in the personal development and emotional well-being of their employees. 

I have worked with a wide range of international organizations to support employees on a personal and professional level. I use Enneagram personality testing to help employees and supervisors understand how to maximize the inherent strengths of each team member.

In my clients words

Confidentiality is the most basic premise of a client-therapist relationship. Therefore, names are not included in these testimonials.

Kenden challenged me to be honest with myself. To be accountable to my own voice, the one I was trying to squish in order to remain in a space and relationship that was familiar.”

“From a personal level, just getting my confidence back was worth every cent. From a professional point, I don't feel that I could have gotten to where I am now, with the confidence to start a new business on my own. The sessions allowed me to be completely open and honest, to cry and feel rubbish, and to walk away from a session feeling that I had moved forward.”

“I felt so much love and relief from having someone to stand with me and for me. It felt like coming home, and I still feel so grateful and supported. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. In addition to that feeling of being held, I got good practical support and action steps"

“(Kenden) is ideally placed to work with ex-pat international workers, and the format and style is well attuned to the needs of this population. I have already recommended her to several friends in this field!”

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