How It Works 

You contact me here.


We set up a no-obligation free 40 minute consultation via video call.  



During this consultation, we talk about:

  • Your reasons/feelings for seeking therapy now

  • Any feelings/behaviors you might be worried about

  • Your goals for counseling 

  • Any questions you have about counseling, about me and how I work


If we both feel we can work together, we’ll schedule an initial series of 6 sessions to occur within 6-10 weeks. Many people opt for weekly sessions for 3 weeks, followed by one session every 2 weeks thereafter. ​

Before your first session 

Before your first session, you’ll complete a self-assessment form and return it to me. The form will take approximately 45-60 minutes of personal reflection and writing time. During our first session, we will go over your self-assessment together and set up a roadmap for beginning our work together. 




Some of my clients need referrals to other medical professionals such as nutritionists, psychiatrists and homeopaths. Other clients need me to connect with their school guidance counselor, etc. I assist with this type of case management.

Psychotherapy duration and termination

Psychotherapy continues until you decide to finish or take a break. For some people, this might be 2 or 3 months, for others 6 months to one year - everybody is different. Ending therapy abruptly can be detrimental to the positive therapeutic impact of the work we have done together. Whenever you feel ready, we will discuss and schedule a clear closing, saying goodbye-for-now session. 


Many people choose to have ongoing, regular psychotherapy throughout their lives as a self-care tool. Others seek psychotherapy during moments of crisis, reflection and/or transitioning. For some clients, psychotherapy is something they will return to at several points throughout their life. Whatever is right for your own individual experience, the purpose of us working together is the same: to enable you to lead a full and satisfying life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is what I say during sessions confidential?

I take your privacy seriously. Confidentiality is an essential part of the psychology code of ethics. To feel comfortable talking about private, revealing information and feelings, you need to be able to speak freely without fear of that information leaving the room. 


Before our first session, you will complete a self-assessment that will include information about confidentiality. In general, the only time I would inform another person in your life is if you were at serious risk of hurting yourself or another person.


I am a teenager and my parents will be paying for my psychotherapy.  Will you tell my parents what we talk about?


When you work with me, we have a shared goal of improving your life and making sure you are safe. You need a private space to speak freely about private feelings and experiences - in fact, this is precisely what therapy is. When we start working together, we will set and agree confidentiality boundaries. Some teenagers seek out psychotherapy independently without telling their parents. Some parents are involved in supporting their child to take part in counseling, and may even participate in some sessions together with their child. In any case, your safety and well-being is the most important factor. 


Just like adults, many adolescents have complicated and negative feelings about their life and family members. Expressing your feelings in a safe and confidential environment does not and cannot hurt you or another person.


If you are engaging in risky behavior which puts you or others in danger, or if you are being subjected to physical or sexual abuse, I will tell you in advance, and work with you to, and we will inform selected people to protect you from harm.


We all need to cancel appointments from time to time. When you need to cancel a session, you must tell me at least 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled session, in order to re-schedule. 


If a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, or if you do not show up, the session will be counted as complete and chargeable, except in cases of “force majeure”. 


If I cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice, I will propose another session within the shortest and best timeframe available for you. 


How do we communicate? 

Depending on your geographic location and preferences, we can meet any of these ways:

  • Speaking over the phone (tele-counseling) 

  • Video conferencing

  • In person (Paris, France)


Due to COVID-19, I am currently only working with clients by phone or video call.


Can I contact you between sessions?

Yes, you can email me as a way of 'checking in' and sharing progress, insights and challenges between sessions. From time to time I do the same, sharing an article or other relevant material with you to stimulate progress and learning.